100% web-based

SunCore is a web-based business management platform that can be installed on location or accessed via the cloud. Run and monitor data processing from anywhere.

  • Simple web user interface.
  • Application like experience.
  • Multilingual.
  • Built-in mechanisms prevent users from making common mistakes. The system constantly assists users in making correct choices and prevents unnecessary alerts and messaging.
  • Non-linear multi-threaded processing allows for numerous concurrent users without almost any processing delay (limited to the hardware and number of concurrent users).
  • Run multiple non-related processes at the same time.


Special attention is applied to system and data security. All critical information is AES256 bit encrypted with multiple layers of security.

  • https:// for secure remote access. Logon and other sensitive information are encrypted.
  • Anti-hacking system constantly monitors all user actions and prevents attacks like cookie poisoning, SQL injection, etc.
  • Secure ID (SID) validation authenticates users on both the user id/password level and SID level.
  • Encryption and obfuscation of all systems makes reverse engineering impossible.
  • Installer logic ensures that SunCore cannot be installed on unapproved hardware to prevent phishing or system rerouting to a malicious server.
  • Almost all information about the user machine is logged to track any attack attempts.
  • Any attempt to circumvent or take over the running process results in an immediate logout event and system lock.


SunCore supports access to a wide range of sources enabling bi-directional exchange of metadata and data with many third party applications.

SunCore’s main component, its integration engine, was designed using highly advanced mathematical algorithms that maximize efficiency and seamlessly connect various data sources. Clients can manage real-time analytical data quickly, easily and more efficiently with a higher level of confidence.

  • Dramatically reduces the time and expense of integrating internal or external source data.
  • Highly improved process efficiencies.
  • Ultrafast processing. Data collection and calculation routines are optimized for maximum utilization of sophisticated algorithms, thus reducing the impact on database, hardware or network resources.
  • Special coding practices are applied to critical systems to maximize data throughput with minimal memory or resource usage, but without sacrificing on performance.

At one client site, SunCore reduced the data integration run time from 8 hours to 3 minutes! No other software on the market today can match SunCore’s speed. The resulting efficiency has allowed clients to solve their IT headaches and efficiently manage their data while saving millions of dollars on software costs and human resource allocations.

Solutions on the market today are crude, difficult to use, have limited capabilities and are time consuming to use because data must be moved through many intermediaries. To improve on all of these limitations, SunCore can be integrated to supplement existing systems and thereby significantly improve the overall process, or completely replace many disparate pieces of software with one, easy to use system.


Alongside its native data integration capabilities, SunCore streamlines the financial consolidation process through real-time intercompany matching and reporting.

Users can access, aggregate, and transform critical data in a logical and organized manner across domestic and/or international divisions to achieve a single view of intercompany matching for information analysis and reporting across all departments in real-time.

At one client site, SunCore reduced the consolidation and reporting effort from 4 days to 3 minutes! This greatly improves the efficiency of Finance teams and positively impacts the organization as a whole.

SunCore allows existing SAP and Oracle/Hyperion Financial Management users to import/export data from SAP and Oracle Financial Consolidation software, flat files or databases easily. Managers and analysts can get up and running quickly by customizing their favorite reports.

Users can also exchange comments through SunCore in real-time to make financial information adjustments and Journal matching and reporting in one simple step. SunCore outshines existing top-of-the- line consolidation systems as they are not able to meet this level of flexibility and reporting complexity.


SunCore is implemented using sophisticated GAAP accounting rules. Multiple account reconciliation across all divisions allows for balancing and analyzing cash outlays with cash inflows in single or multi-currency environments.

SunCore’s proprietary ACE algorithm enables users to analyze division and department financial performance and compare multiple parameters at once.


SunCore’s report designer is fully integrated into system tools giving users unprecedented flexibility for data analysis and reporting. Quickly and efficiently develop and deploy dynamic forms with filters, memo pads, line item memos and aggregation.

  • OLAP reporting is a data warehouse and business intelligence turn-key solution enabling companies to start using the analytical system with fast ROI.
  • Features graphical analysis of different views of the same business data collected through the years.
  • Provides incomparable speed and way of usage.

And all of this without having to know how to write a single line of command language.

We provide a decision support tool that supplements any existing system designed for executives, planners and business analysts. The goal is to provide end users with completely new possibilities of managing a company in today’s competitive market.

  • Monitor the business.
  • Control expenses.
  • Make decisions easier and faster.
  • Make daily analysis of the entire company, part of the company, customers and suppliers.
  • Effectively control the company and its employees.
  • Create complex reports without needing to learn any programming languages.
  • Quickly interpret graphical views.
  • Create dashboards and reports.

Compliance and Audit

SunCore is designed to provide full SOX compliance by tracking all transaction details.

These details can be viewed from a common repository through online inquiries. Additional drilldown capabilities are captured in a report. This design benefit permits users to be in full compliance with today’s Auditing Standards.

  • Process log for all user actions provides proof of who did what, when and where.
  • Robust security and error handling allows users to view only what they are authorized to see.
  • Data and Process Auditing
  • Can’t destroy data

Implementation And Scalability

Fast client configuration and deployment.
No IT involvement after the system is deployed. Only regular backups are required.

SunCore’s architecture is based on modular plug-in-and-use design. This type of architecture allows for easy scalability to maintain its level of performance under an increased or expanding workload.

SunCore is dynamic and flexible on all levels allowing for quick implementation of new functionality or existing system modification without affecting any other modules.

  • Multi-tier scalability allows SunCore to run processing on a single machine or multiple machines depending on the processing workload.
  • Dynamically allocate resources as needed.
  • New functionality is easily added and configured.
  • Customize with minimal changes to existing infrastructure.
  • Specs to your needs


Our US and international support and development teams guarantee continuous 24/7/365 system support.

  • Operational maintenance and software updates
  • Performance enhancements
  • New functionality, applications and presentation tools
  • Bug fixes

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